Answer the questions and you'll know if you are ready for a beagle?

Beagle is an unique dog.In order to both the dog and the owner were happy you should seriously think over the decision of having a dog together with considering all your capabilities of taking care for him.

Do I have enough time to as much offer it to the dog as he needs?

Beagles are very friendly and social dogs. They require lot of attention and time. Not enough care may make him feel not loved which may cause behaviour problems.

Can I ensure enough number of walks and activity?

People busy with career, not having a lot of time will not be able to provide the dog appropriate dose of physical activity. Unless you are physically active people who enjoy outdoor activities no matter the weather outside. The dog, no matter the weather, should be running out to satisfy his need for physical activity.

Am I aware of temper of the dog and if I'm patient enough to raise a beagle?

Beagles have their own character. They are full of life and extremely stubborn. To raise the pet for a good and obedient dog you will have to put a lot of effort. You have to be firm, consistent, to resist their charm and strive for success.

Are you ready for material losses?

dy for material losses?Puppies of any breed are very creative in destroying things. Starting with slippers, shoes, pillows, then the sofas and furniture, and even the floors and walls. The dog learns what is allowed and what is not with the time. But before he learns all of this he may do a lot of harm in home.

Does the hair everywhere bothers you?

The fact that the dog loses hair is normal. Prior to the acquisition of a dog it is worth to check if we are allergic to it. If we are then, unfortunately, we should decide not to have an animal for our health. If you are not allergic, the second thing you'll have to accept will be the fact that dogs leaves the hair on everything he touches. Carpets, clothes, everything will be covered in the hair. In order to keep house clean you should vacuum often with a special turbobrush that perfectly collects all the hair from carpets and flat surfaces. Hair from clothes we may remove with special roller brush.

Do I need a pedigree?

Pedigree dogs are scanned thoroughly, even for genetic diseases, they have health book and guarantee of health received from a breeder. A non pedigree dog may have hidden genetic diseases discovered in time.

Can I afford a dog?

Beagle, as every dog is not cheap to maintain. Visits to the vet and medication in case of illness can be really expensive. Additionally, a special karma also has its price. Through the acquisition of a dog it is worth considering whether we have the financial resources to provide the dog everything it needs.