Prepare for a dog

Buying a dog is the first decision we have to make. Once we will be happy the owners are obliged to provide him a very good environment to live by our side, so you will need shopping. What needs to be included in the dowry of dog ??

Accessories for walking

Dogs, of course, have to go out for walks. By providing our pet a proper dose of traffic, our dog will be healthy, but also happy. Until leaving for a walk, of course, we will need adequate leash, it is best if she were strong, tape, or automatic. Leash, of course, you need a collar. It should be made of leather or a strong, durable material. The collar must have sufficient width in relation to size - narrow collars digging into the dog's neck. An alternative may be braces. On the walks you should also carry a low-calorie treats, which we will reward your dog for good behavior, or in duties, which should be resistant to mechanical damage, braces into the car clipped to sit, where we rode a car in a secluded place, or possibly whistle on the dog. If during walks and outdoor activities we are planning training that dressage should carry a rope to training. On the walks we should also carry a shoulder and I sleep excrement bags to clean up after your dog.

Accessories for hygiene

Each race requires proper care. Therefore, the dog was clean and fragrant should be purchased at a pet store: sticks and liquid for cleaning ears, toothbrush and special toothpaste toothpaste, shampoo care of dog hair, brush, combing hair, thick comb. It should take care of the dog's appearance, especially if you plan to ride with a dog for exhibitions.

Accessories for exhibitions

If we want our dog to ride on the exhibition we need more accessories. Certainly we need to acquire a ring leash (special leash on the exhibition) exhibition cage. When you want to coat our dog was also shine Let 's get mink oil spray. The exhibitions and what we need to we do not find much information on the Internet on professional sites and forums, as well as books on this subject. In addition to the core subjects for everyday use, ie. A bowl, den, toys should buy accessories that will help in maintaining the purity of the dog, as well as entertains us long walks in the fresh air.