Formalities connected to buying a dog

If we have already decided to have a dog we need to remember about many important formalities. We will advise you on what documents you should pay attention when buying a beagle.


The most important part of buying a dog is always a contract. It should contain all the information of the seller and the buyer, and also described state of health of the dog, pricing, and in case of a dog with a pedigree relevant documents as attachments to the contract. The contract should be made in two copies (one for each side) and signed. Contract should also contain the relevant date and place of the purchase of the dog. You should also take care for a confirmation of payment. This is a guarantee that the money is received by the breeder, and we can sleep peacefully. This is important, especially that often these amounts are quite high, especially when we buy a dog from a pedigree canine family.


If we have decided for a pedigree dog, the breeder has to provide a birth certificate for a dog. What is this and what it should contain of? Certificate is a document containing all important information about dog, name and a nickname, names of parents, tattoo number, details of the breeder and owner. Based on this certificate dog is able to get his pedigree document.

The kennel club

If you wish to have a pedigree document for your beagle you need to go to the kennel club. It is an organization which is focused on pedigree dogs. After paying a member fee you may ask for a pedigree certificate for your puppy. It usually takes couple of weeks to receive it. But if the pedigree document is really necessary? If we do not plan to start a breeder ar attend exhibitions we do not need to have it

Health book

It may happen that you do not get dog's health book from the buyer. Then you should take it to the vet. There you can see which vaccinations the dog had, check his history and condition of overall health. Having this book is extremely important in the case of sudden illness, admissions to exhibitions and even travel abroad.