Home accessories for dogs

If you plan to have a dog we need him to prepare a suitable layette. In it should be objects of everyday use for sleeping, eating and spending leisure time actively. Let's look at what accessories should be in the dog's dowry.

Sleeping accessories

A dog from the beginning should be designated permanent place to sleep. They can easily arrange putting in place den, or wicker basket or mattress. It should not be too expensive, so that a small puppy quickly destroy him. Another solution is to place a special cage for the dog. We can use it too, when we go to exhibitions with our quadruped. To the lair handy soft blanket or pillow. Important that it can be washed, as you've probably already be wybrudzi.

A place to eat

Of course, your dog also need bowls for food and water. Ideally they were metallic, deep and placed on rubber to the bowl does not slip while eating by our pup. Deep bowl also is harder to overturn. They should be well matched in size to the size of the dog's mouth.


The pet stores are so many toys for dogs. They need them to discharge excess energy, develop their mobility and for entertainment. When selecting a toy, make sure that is certified if it is safe for the dog, how long can withstand fun with the dog, or you can fall some parts. The most common toys for dogs are rubber wheels for biting, ball, rope to drag the drive to outdoor activities, squeaky toys to chew, chews and natural snacks. Among the latter the most recommended are pressed bones, rumens dried beef, dried liver, lungs were, and others. As a result, the dogs will not feel the need to chew on other things.


Before buying a dog should consider whether he will not bother to collect dog piles of lawns or sidewalks. Litter dog feces is becoming more so lawns are clean. If we do not mind zaopatrzmy in a special shoulder and bags for dog droppings.

What should be avoided?

Dogs must not be administered chicken bones. They are sharp and break into sharp pieces that can cut the dog's digestive system. Puppies should use soft chews. Do not administer to dogs chews-like shoes or other items we use. Puppy teether not distinguish from the real items and would cause us a lot of damage.