We teach a puppy for hygiene

One of the primary duties of the owner of the dog is its training and learning proper behavior. This also includes taking care of the cleanliness What are some common mistakes made by the owners? What puppy should be able to from an early age?

Basic rules

If your puppy has trouble maintaining proper cleanliness and completing we must become savvy and systematically, as well as common sense. A dog can learn to deal with their needs exclusively at home, eg. For newspapers or just outside. How do you choose depends on us. Puppy needs to fix immediately after getting up, play, or eating a meal and before bedtime.

In a situation where a dog likes to hide in the house or apartment and to deal with their needs, we must be extremely vigilant and attentive, where it does. Then we could use odor absorbers supply. Important not they contain ammonia.

Caught red-handed

When caught our puppy on dealing with their needs in a prohibited spot we hit the hand on the wall, clapping, we throw a can of sound or chain. Sequentially move the dog to the right place. When will the fix should be proud of.

In a situation where we're nervous wants to retrieve the situation never beat dog stick his snout in the manure, or scream at him. It only perpetuates bad behavior and bad for the psyche of the animal.

To avoid these problems in the future should establish fixed hours of walking, even on weekends. Then the dog will be waiting for a walk, and only when it does not do what belongs to him.

Going out to work - and what about the dog?

If you are gainfully employed and are not at the apartment about 8-9 hours only way out is going out with the dog in the morning, as well as play with him, as well as directly after work. When we have more time-consuming work we should instruct someone bring the dog.

Puppy eats feces

It is unknown why dogs eat feces. This is a common problem caused probably too good karma or karma of low quality. To prevent this, you can buy a means of spraying, which would discourage puppy to such behaviour.

Dog defecates in a wrong place

From puppy to be correct bad behavior of the dog. If he has problems with doing the right place should first start from the newspaper and later teach your dog a settlement in the court. You can also spend a lot of time in the place where the dog peed - dogs very rarely want to play in a place where it handled by.

We can also meet with a situation when the dog does not want to settle for the field. This can result from environmental curiosity, or fear. In this situation, be patient, and for each settlement outside puppy praise.

The young dog before you learn how to properly fix can cause us many worries and problems. You must be indulgent towards him. We also had themselves to be learned, now we have to help him.