The most common educational mistakes

Dog owners are increasingly starting to care about the education of your dog until after completion of the first year of life. The holder of the dogs who say that they have problems with bringing dogs often do not see the problem at home, and there often lies the biggest problem.

Puppies learn very quickly and are smart, so take advantage of all our mistake tutorial to achieve their. Below are the most frequently repeated mistakes education.

  1. Tug-of-war, dragging clothes, etc.

This is one of the most popular play with the dog. But it is not good. Allowing your dog to teach it to win it, with a snarl and a tug brings success, especially if it is fun to people. It will be used every day. When we wanted him to tear our clothes, or puncture the mouth also will think it's fun.

  1. First at the top of stairs

We should not allow the dog to outrun us on the stairs. The dog usually with head turned toward the owner waits until it enters the top of the stairs. In this way we give the dog to understand that we are weaker, especially if we go up with bowed head and no eye contact with the dog.

  1. Leaving the apartament

When leaving the house, dogalso wants to give us to understand that he is the leader of "the herd". Therefore, if we allow him to first go out before us and first enter, we give signals that he's the boss, because the leader of the herd leaves the site and enters it first.

  1. Laying in the passage

In natural environment dog, seeing their leader would have to come down the road. If we allow our dog to lie down in the aisle or in the door he feels like the leader of the pack. Therefore we can not allow him to lie there.

  1. Be resistant to dog's cravings

The dog is not the master of the house. Often, however, their behavior syntax us to do, to behave like that. Eg. When he comes up and nudges on to him caress. The dog should be stroked when they wants, not when the dog of the claims.


We can not allow that dog sleep where he wanted, and others could not sleep where he would, he can win the games all the time or to pat him only when he comes to us for this purpose.

Dogs are not stupid, even very smart and clever. Therefore, when we gave yourself to go to the head should gradually reduce the position at home. This owner has to be a leader, who likened the dog to the order and not vice versa. If you have been making mistakes should fix them.