Disobedient dog – causes

At the beginning of our adventure of taming the dog we can have some problems with education and obedience dog. We unconsciously often make mistakes in their upbringing on our own.

In many cases the owners did not respond immediately to emerging problems. They provide that this way to understand that the dog is progressing owner and perpetuate undesirable behaviour. By what the dog listens to us less. We have to show them who 'ruled' - otherwise you will not listen to our commands and commands.

Few tips for training

  1. When you start to lose patience - look at you. What you will learn dog depends to a very large extent on us.
  2. Stay calm - if our dog destroy something, settle in the wrong place do not be nervous. Learning new behaviors takes time and consistency in action, as well as distance.
  3. Non-violence - under no circumstances can yell at the dog, screaming and beating him. This will be counterproductive.
  4. The more traffic - a large amount of bad behavior the dog due to the unmet needs of the movement. Especially Hounds Dogs require a lot of traffic, and when it did not have the energy to unload objects around the house.
  5. Reward for something - a dog should be rewarded for good behavior, as well as exercises or commands. Giving delicacies without the requirement to teach the dog that snack is not a reward, but something that he deserves.
  6. Require dog - while lying in the hallway blocking the household of the way - tell him to move, when jumping on guests - do not let him do that ,. This behavior teach the dog what he can and can not.
  7. Lots of exercise - at least once a day should practice with the dog's obedience. The dog likes to work and do something, make him even pleasure and is better than boredom. In addition, the exercise of obedience calms, especially those nervous dogs, and carry the added confidence.
  8. Do not sacrifice your dog too much time - dog pumpered, which we can not peel off the hands believes that it would we succumbed to it, and it should be the other way around. You have to react dedication of attention when the dog is obedient, not when we have a need.
  9. When a dog licks too - it's sometimes nice and the presentation of love, but some dogs use this gesture to showing the superiority of the owner. Then licking is too frequent and against our will. Such behaviour should teach your dog as soon as possible assuming leash and issuing the command: "Do not lick." When the dog is obedient pulled off leash and praise the dog, but only verbally.
  10. Excessive barking - excessive barking in different situations is a way to draw our attention to itself, or through information from dog has fun if something happens. Barking such is intolerable. How to solve the problem? I never cry. It then performed a brief training and exercises with obedience commands. The dog will be confused. Repeat this every time, when the dog wants to force something on us with their barking.