Play with puppy

A little puppy has a large need for physical activity. For this reason, still looking for his opportunity to play. However, the puppy must learn responsible fun to not destroy our valuable things or not bitten us.

Education dog will require us a lot of effort and patience. Dogs are very smart, such as beagles, schnauzers, dachshunds detect whether our every trick. How to play with the dog, which is a menace? What do not bite the game?


During the play and they must be adhered to specific rules. First dog hooking its owner or another member of the household is willing to play with him. This behaviour testifies about something else. The dog in this way also wants to show its own position in the "herd" to give us to understand that although it is small and so as a consequence of his behaviour do what he wants.

In a situation where the puppy will bite us, we need to react. The dog behaving in this way wants us waving their arms and legs. For it is the greatest fun when the owner moves legs and arms, angry. Such behaviour, however, in the eyes of the dog shows weakness of character and a dog becomes the guide "herd". If this happens and the dog will begin to rule in your home can cause a lot of trouble upbringing in old age.

How to play with the puppy?

  • Do not allow the puppy to chew on. In such situations, you need to calm your dog calm, firm voice, or take it on your hands and wait until it calms down;
  • You can also catch the puppy by the collar and seat him as to the command "SIAT". Then the dog should calm down. Then you will want to continue playing. The dog then understand that he is not in charge here and must adapt.
  • It is not for fun using everyday objects. The dog will then be able to recognize when he is playing, and when not, and can ruin our precious things.

Ending the play

At each stage of fun that the owner must show that he's the boss. Fun should not end at the request of the owner, not the dog. When the dog is sufficiently amused and causing all the trouble, then when complete fun firmly and consistently.

Puppy such behaviour should be taught from childhood. In old age, because we would have serious problems with learning dog obedience.