Aggression in dogs

Dog aggression is a serious problem. In order to understand it you should think about how to take and what to do to our animal was not aggressive.

Aggression - natural behaviour

Aggression is the dog in order to survive. To manifest her dog throughout his life, more or less. Dog same mark their position in the herd, sets territory, gaining food, responds to different risks.

Aggression to other dogs

Aggressive behaviour can be divided into acquired and congenital. Acquired often results from improper upbringing of the animal, especially when it comes to neurotic manifestation of aggression towards other dogs. Dog owners frequently they teach a dog to respond aggressively to other dogs. This happens when the animals meet the owner pulled the dog by a leash. The dog does not have to react naturally: it can not escape or surrender. He is only aggression to defend themselves. In such cases, the owner is obviously pleased with the turn of events, because it was his dog turned out to be "braver". But the dog is a way of escape from danger. The dog learns that such behavior is good, welcome, because the owner is happy. That's how the dog will react later on each dog, which will meet on a walk or in the park. To solve this problem you must allow the dog to free contact with another animal without causing additional stress for him.

Aggression to people

When your dog has aggression against people, the problem is more serious. Aggression due to the insecurity and lack of trust in people. May be due to bad experiences, abuse, and aggression to other dog. In such a situation you need socialization of the dog. A dog that feeling confident, brave and has the correct attitude to the world around him will not be aggressive.


To prevent aggressive behaviour in a dog must first of all love it. Show love, care, give him peace of mind. The owner must be aware of the nature of the dog. He should act consistently, wisely and never used violence against pet.