Preparing home for a dog

When acquiring a new family member, you should be aware that beagle needs home adapted to his needs, not vice versa. When buying a dog you should be aware of several changes to be made in an apartment or house.


With dogs, especially small, it's like with children. The first thing you need to do it before taking the dog is to secure all appliances from destruction. These items most commonly include shoes, wires, all the things that hang and are easy take down. The task can be approached innovatively: stoop to the growth of the animal and check from its prospects what can be an attractive fun for the dog, and can be dangerous for him.

Valuable things

Favourite things like clothes, books, CD's, mobile phones – all what can end in the dogs mouth is better to stock in unreachable places. Dangerous goods

Sometimes a blink enough for a disaster. Especially when you have so busy and curious pet as Beagle in home. Because of this, any cleaning agents, dishwashing liquids, detergents and others that can harm your dog should be in place out of reach. A high cabinet may be the best.

A place to sleep

Every dog should have a designated place to sleep where he could quietly take a nap during the day or sleep through the night. This can be a den, or a special cage for dogs or larger seat. It is important for the dog to feel safe there and be able to relax without stress.

A place to eat

The dog must be provided with a permanent source of food and clean water. It must be given the appropriate place to have the opportunity to consume meals without unnecessary stressful situations. When we have other pets besides beagle bowl must be placed so that none of the animals had no access to food other. It often happens that the animals they eat each other with bowls of food. This is not desirable because of the unique dietary needs of each animal and the frequency of meals.


As previously mentioned beagle dogs full of energy and joy. In addition to regular walks and outdoor activities should they also provide entertainment in the apartment. This is where you spend the most time, if you live in a block. In this connection it is worth to buy dog toys: writing ducks, or chickens to chew, bones or chews appropriate. You can also use Internet resources and where to find ideas for new toys for your dog.