All you need to know about Beagle breed

Beagle is a wonderful hounds from the UK - social, loving movement. Before buying a dog but you try to have more information about the breed.

Exterior features of a beagle

Beagle average height of a dog with enough strong bones and outlined silhouette. It has a large head, long ears, short neck. FEET these dogs are positioned at a right angle to the dogs was more agile. The tail is curved upwards, set high. Typically, a three-color or two-color coat. It is not very big dog, but it is strong and durable.


This breed is very energetic jet, eager to play at home and outdoors. It is an ideal pet for people who are physically active. They are also very intelligent, and therefore trained them is quite difficult. When training a beagle we must be consistent in action, to teach the dog obedience. In view of this race, do not behave aggressively because such behaviour reflects negatively on the psyche of the animal.


Beagle hound. He loves movement, running, playing, and also is inquisitive, outgoing and opinionated. It may happen that the dog will run away from home, or mixing, when it is disobedient and unruly race. This is not a watchdog, will not stop the thief red-handed. These are dogs amiably disposed towards people.


Care beagle is easy. The basis of care is brushing, especially when the dog changes the hair. The change takes quite a long time, so you should be prepared for problems with hair. With combing a large proportion of the dog's coat will be in the trash and not on the carpet, or our clothes.


Beagle belong to the breed healthy, but they also tend to have sometimes some problems. This breed is exposed to the inheritance of epilepsy, prone to skin allergies, inflammation of the gland of the third eyelid. They can also get sick and sore throat, or larynx.


Foods must be properly balanced and perfect for dogs of such breeds. These dogs like to eat a lot and often. They eat mostly everything, but they can also be finicky. By physical activity dog also he takes care of his physical condition. Thanks and proper diet dog will be happy and healthy.


Pedigree gives us confirmation of the origin of the dog, breed, and parents of the puppy. This document will give us the guarantee that a dog which bought it this race, not a hybrid, and includes information issued by expert assessments. Any defects and imperfections puppy are recorded in the Charter review of the litter.