Disliked leash

Often small dogs do not like to walk on a leash. They are afraid of her, her view, did not allow themselves to her to wear. What to do in such a case? It's the fault of the dog or the owner?

Selection of a leash                                               

An appropriate choice of a lead is very important. There are several types of leashes. Rectractable leads automatically stretched seem peculiar sound during winding and unwinding, as well as with blocking. This leash can not be forgotten, because the animal non-stop feels stretched tape. Some dogs do not mind, others do not like it and will not want to be output on the leash. It also happens that leash drops down with a noise. Dogs also will not want to walk on a leash with a large and thick collar, which is not comfortable for the puppy.


If the dog does not like being on a leash do not solve the situation with scream and aggression. This will bring the stress and aggression in a dog, which make him the more against it. You should buy a new leash. It should be thin, leather or made of materials pleasant for a small dog that will not  pierce in his neck. Then, do some exercises that will encourage small pet to run on the new leash.


Exercises can be performed both on a walk and at home. If we want to carry out exercises we should choose flat area without plants, rocks, etc., that dog had no opportunity to hook the leash to something. Then you have to play with a dog, gradually and gently lowering the leash on the ground, playing on. Then we raise it and change the place fun. Such a change should be performed about 3 times during one walk.

At home you may convince you doggy to leash with snacks. Put snacks around a leash lying on the floor, preferably in a circle. Then we call the dog, as if nothing had happened. When he approaches the leash and eats all the goodies we have a huge success. If not – do not force a dog to do anything. Let's pretend that the floor is empty to let the dog perform the exercise himself. It is worth to repeat this every day or every two days.


Large breed dogs should not walk on retractable leads. They learn disobedience with it as owner has limited possibility to control the dog. Those dogs should have have thick, durable leads. Exception are females in heat.

Dogs shouldn't be forced to walk using lead and collar that he does not like. Teaching to walk on a lead we should start from the very beginning, at the puppy age, in way of play and gradually to not make walks being unpleasant experience.