Is a tendency to destroy things by beagles a myth?

As previously mentioned beagle dogs are full of energy and joy. In addition to regular walks and outdoor activities should they also be provided with entertainment in the apartment. This is where they spend the most of time. Considering this it is worth to buy dog toys: ducks or chickens to chew, bones or chews. You can also use Internet resources and to find ideas for new toys for your dog. Beagles are known for their spontaneity, temperament and tenacity. However, there are very friendly dogs loving to contact with men. However there are also known for one thing: destroying things. Is it true?

Beagle – hound dog

Beagles are hound dogs. They are smart, intelligent, persistent. They have boundless energy, and therefore do not like to be alone, and in addition they need every day to spend at least an hour of time for a walk. It is therefore not a suitable animal for busy, non-time physical activity.

Boredom = destruction

These dogs do not like to be bored, can not stand idle. When the animal is bored it begins to concoct various activities, especially if it is young. They will suffer, our furniture, carpets and other items that could be saved if the dog every day to accommodate their need for exercise. If we provide your dog the appropriate dose of physical activity, your dog will not only happy, but tired and will not have the strength to destroy objects that are around him. The problem of deterioration and destruction of objects disappearing in beagle dogs after high 2-3 years.

Learning to be able stay home alone

Puppy need from a small study of becoming yourself at home, whether it is flat. Avoid this in the future many unpleasant situations. First it is to leave the dog alone for 10 minutes, then gradually lengthen this time. Coming out of the house should not be saying goodbye fondly to simply run the command "watch" and leave the apartment. The dog was bored should leave his toys, and even turned on the radio to hear the dog though human speech over the radio. Returning also do not we affectionately greet. We need to let him cool down, possibly after some time, give a reward. The animal can not feel it was something extraordinary. When the dog while you are away something przeskrobie not worth it to punish him. Dogs have worse long memory of the people and therefore do not associate our anger with a tattered couch or damaged shoes, but we came home.

a list of things most vulnerable to destruction

These are items that beagle liking the most fun when im bored. Among them we find: shoes, clothing, rugs, carpets, items of paper, cables, pillows, couches, furniture, legs of a table or chairs, rattan furniture, dog bedding, blankets, toys, flowers, remote controls, telephones, calculators, backpacks, handbags, cosmetic and many others. It is therefore worth before leaving the house ... .. clean it. Having a beagle puppy you have to have a big imagination to prevent any damage. However, when we look at the world eyes of the dog and provide him with adequate daily dose of dog movement will have an opportunity to make the damage even in our absence.