Diet for a dog

Diet pedigree dog is different from the usual diet mutt. Purebred dogs are predisposed to certain diseases, which must be prevented in advance. By so was the dog of szczenięcych years should eat special food.

Information from breeder

The first information about feeding your dog receive when buying a dog directly from a breeder. It has current information about the state of health of the dog and best knows his nutritional needs. You should also ask about the food they ate mother puppy, because the boy will be better assimilated than other food he does not know.

Dry food

When we take decisions about feeding your dog dry food we need to ensure high quality. Only such karma gives us assurance that dog with it receives all the nutrients it needs at a given stage of development. When buying cheaper food not much gain and we lose a lot. First of all, cheaper feed inferior quality - the components are of poor quality, and therefore the portions which eat the dog is greater than food quality. Feed containing only good quality ingredients are more nutritious and animal naiad faster. It is an investment in the health of our pet, as well as disease prevention and frequent visits to the vet. Good quality, foods are food companies such as Royal Canin, Purina, Hill's, or Nutra. Young dogs should, of course, eat food intended for puppies. They take into account current needs for a dog to be properly developed and grew into a healthy pet.


A significant number of dogs breeders also gives conditioner. They are used in young dogs in order to provide the young body with the necessary minerals and nutrients needed for proper development of the skeleton. Before buying specific supplements, please consult your veterinarian, who will choose a conditioner tailored to the individual needs of the dog. Treats Dogs can also be administered a variety of delicacies. Top fulfill their function on walks or during training, or dressage puppy. Important that they are minor or easily separated the smaller pieces, to be able to do some exercises with the dog, but do not overfeed. The most recommended dishes include appetizers company Eukanuba, Gimborn, Pedigree, or Trixie, of course, these series for puppies. On the market of food for dogs are a variety of snacks and available in many flavours. Be sure to buy only good quality, because only those will have a positive impact on the development of our pet.