Before we decide for a dog

Making a decision about buying a dog is simple. More difficult is the care of the animal. This requires a lot of responsibility and consequences in action. Before you decide on a dog, remember about few steps.


Before buying a dog you should think about several important issues. Namely: if our apartment / house is a good place for a dog? Will we have enough time to take care of him? Are our other pets will be able to accept a new friend? Are our children are sufficiently responsible to assist in the care of an animal?


The next step is to check whether we have allergies to animal dander. To do this, go to an allergist. Every member of the household should have been examined. It sometimes happens that because of the severe allergy pets are given away or sold to shelters. In case of detection of an inmate allergy to dog hair you should opt out of having an animal at home, as it can cause many unpleasant health problems, or to use desensitization.

Friendly neighbourhood

The environment of life should be friendly to a dog. Dog should be able to freely run in the open space. Is it behind the house, or in the park, dog must have a place where he can play and burn calories eaten. It is important that these places were far from the street to avoid potential accidents.

Check the house

Small puppies are unruly and energetic. They can often harm themselves by pulling something heavy on them, get burn or bite something sharp. Before dog enters the house it should be adapted to a new family member.

Get to know the breed

Each breed of dog is different. Some are spontaneous, others prefer the tranquility and lounging on the couch. Some need to provide a large dose of movement, which requires the owner to sacrifice more time, and for some daily walks are enough. The dogs also differ in temperament and disposition. Some will have to be trained and others will not be needed. The key is to get to know the characteristics of the breed, in order to raise smart and obedient dog.

Where can I get a puppy?

Once we made a decision to have a dog, we should think about where we can get a puppy from. If we care to have an pedigree certificate we have to look among breeders. We should check the opinions, visit him before making a purchase, check all the papers and documents. If you do not care about the pedigree dog you may visit a nearby shelter or go to the charity that cares of dogs and their adoption. Maybe that's where we find unfortunate dog who is waiting for loving owners.