Few words about a beagle


Before getting a beagle you should know his nature and character. When the dog crosses the door of your home he will become a family member with whom you will spend many joyful moments and years. Therefore, it is worth to learn about this breed in order to avoid future mistakes.

A social breed

Beagle is a very sociable breed. The dog needs close contact with the man to be connected with him, This is a breed with large herd instinct. Beagle loves company, can not stand alone and hates to be alone for long hours. Therefore, if you often are out home for long hours this breed is not for you. Beagle is also active and full of life. These dogs are hound dogs, they love to run and any other physical activity. Beagle must be running out on the open area away from the hustle and bustle. It is curious and constantly on the run - such is his nature. Beagles also like to work but are not guardian dogs. They won't protect our house against a thief.


Training of this breed is not the easiest of tasks. Therefore it is not worth to have too high expectations about the results of the training. These dogs are not very prone to obey like for example shepherds. Beagles have their own slow tempo for everything, so the owner must be patient and placeable in relation to the animal. Beagles are intelligent and very perceptive. They will exploit your every weakness to achieve their goal. When training is not successful, consider what you could do wrong, try to understand the dog. When you are steadfast and consequent you will achieve your goal.

Be responsible

When decided to take a dog you must be responsible for his behaviour everywhere: in the park, at walk, etc. The blame for damage caused by a dog also bears his owner. Some behaviours should simply not be allowed. For example: Do not allow the dog to approach other dogs when we do not know whether this is welcome. When you walk with the dog, do not exalt against the owners of smaller breeds but move aside or change the route. Everyone has the right to walk, small dogs as well. Dog in the public should be kept on a lead. This prevents unwanted struggling with other dogs, less friendly oriented. The dog's owner must respect other dog owners, their space and peace, and therefore must respond quickly in casy of an incident. Thanks to this dog will learn to respect their four-legged friends. Summing up, beagle is a friendly breed, they are energetic, lively, unruly. If we train them well they will be wonderful companions in everyday life and will not cause us many problems. However, training may take some time, but the effects are priceless.